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Storyseekers teaches salespeople, job seekers, leaders or anyone in the business of communication, that stories are the best way to engage and build trust. They deliver their habit-changing workshops and coaching online. They came to us with a concept, we built them a business.

Project Details

  • Responsive Web Design and Development
  • Email Marketing and Landing Pages
  • Online Workshop Registration and Tracking
  • Workshop Materials: Participant Guide, PowerPoint, Brochures, Handouts
  • Community Portal

STORYseekers Marketing Support

Social Media | eBlasts | Marketing Materials


The Track Selling Institute teaches salespeople and sales managers the fundamentals of selling using the Track Selling System™. The client came to us with a tired, static website design and we brought it to the dynamic, response design they have today.

Project Details

  • Responsive Web Design and Development
  • Email Marketing and Landing Pages
  • Online Workshop Registration and Tracking
  • Workshop Materials: Participant Guide, PowerPoint, Brochures, Handouts
  • Community Portal

Track Selling Institute Marketing Support

Email | Brochures | Landing Pages

Lisa Thomas is a co-founder of MKThomas & Associates. For many years, she operated independently under the name Working Designs Unlimited. The testimonials below sing the praises of Lisa's great work in that role.


“Lisa captures the essence of my work and produces appealing and exciting websites, marketing fliers, event communication and ads, e-blasts, social media, business cards, logo development and so much more….everything a business needs to represent itself in the marketplace. She helps keep my brand current, consistent and powerful.

I highly recommend Lisa Thomas.

Carolyn Vinup
/ Gateways to Brilliance

"Working with Lisa is a real joy. She is a fantastic designer and has exceptional ideas to bring to the table. I highly recommend her as your next graphic designer!"

Linda Pavek
/ BeasyTrans Systems

"Lisa can figure out and efficiently solve anything website and social media related. She is incredibly resourceful, smart and easy to work with. I highly recommend her if she can squeeze you in!!"

Sandra Weise
/ Owner, Finnish Bistro

"I've worked in collaboration with Working Designs as well as hiring Lisa as a subcontractor on web site development projects. She's knowledgable, easy to work with and is dedicated to producing great results."

Tom Kuder
/ Content Marketing Startup

I have worked with Lisa for many years. Lisa is creative, pragmatic, and passionate about her clients' success. Her design skills and marketing knowledge are second to none. Lisa can help with a wide variety of marketing strategies and projects; including digital marketing, demand generation, branding, and events. I enthusiastically endorse Lisa!

Kim Ross
/ Marketing and Communications Executive

Lisa helped us design and implement our web pages and information. She was creative and did the work in a timely fashion. We were very satisfied with all the work Lisa did for us.

Amy Liss
/ Photographer

"As I’ve expanded my business reach and services into new areas, Lisa took my old site and materials and transformed them into something totally new, crisp, and updated. She has created a branding visual that carries throughout all my websites, blogs, newsletters, products, signatures and banners.  Each of her visuals are striking, quickly conceived, and can morph into many uses.

Dr. Jan Hoistad
/ Dr. Jan Hoistad Partners

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