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Mike and Lisa bring so much to the table. As a small business owner, their breadth of experience simplifies my job by limiting the number of vendors I have to deal with.
And they are truly good friends.

Sandra Weise

/ Owner, Finnish Bistro

FIND, GROW and RETAIN the customers you want in the way that you want.

Our clients love us

Lisa and Mike, another huge WOW for your Affiliate program definitions and visual appeal accomplishments in recent hours. Consistently world class and soooo inviting and appealing. You two are truly a 'dynamic duo'.

Ron Holm

/ Co-founder, Track Selling Institute

Builders of Business

We Deliver Results

MKThomas & Associates LLP was born from a passion for helping small and mid-sized businesses find, grow and retain customers by deploying our vast sales and marketing skillset.

We understand the whole picture because of our experience as practitioners at all levels of an organization: individual contributors, managers, and executives. Our skill sets allow us to customize our services to your unique needs and to deliver results without unnecessary overhead.

We do our best work when we are privileged to build a personal relationship with the principal(s) of the business. This is our joy and our reward: true friendship.

We look forward to an opportunity to discuss your needs and determine if and how we can help you. Please contact us soon.

Lisa Thomas, co-founder

Graphic Design, Web Design and Social Media


Lisa is a graphic designer extraordinaire. She has decades of experience in print design, digital design advertising, web design and social media. She excels at translating your vision into a physical design.

In her spare time, she enjoys painting and drawing, geneology and cooking.


Mike Thomas, co-founder

Strategist, Video Editor, Copywriter

Mike has a long history of marketing and sales experience primarily in the high-tech industry. A few years ago, Mike decided to join his wife Lisa as a full-time employee of the company.

Mike excels at marketing and sales planning and execution. He helps clients translate their vision into a tangible plan that builds their business.


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